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Hello and welcome to Fruit on route!

My name is Nick Hill and I have been delivering fresh fruit, veg and eggs to people for over 40 years!

The areas that I cover are in the red circle below:

If your area is not listed just drop me a mail, call or text and I’ll let you know if I can help

If you are new to Fruit on route and would like to place an order you can find all the information you should need below but if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email to or for a bit of old fashioned human contact I'm always more than happy to take a call on 07867972718!

As featured in Time and Leisure Magazine: 

What our customers say:

"I’m super fussy with my fruit and veg, and find that supermarkets invariably disappoint in that regard. I’ve had two orders from Fruit on Route and I’m delighted that the fruit and veg is excellent. Would happily recommend Nick to everybody."

"We just received our first delivery and we couldn’t be more surprised by the quality of all the fruit and vegetables we got. Nick is doing for the local neighbourhood here in Wimbledon one of the kindest and most valuable services. Thanks a lot 🤗"

"Nick has been supplying my fruit and vegetables for the last 20 years. He always arrives with a cheerful smile and has never let me down. He has become a family friend and his produce is second to none."

"I love my weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables. Direct from market, the produce is fresh and bursting with flavour. ⁣
@fruitonroute offers a huge range of produce, from eggs to pak choi. I particularly like the succulent blackberries (good on porridge!) and my baby guinea pigs love the kale and spinach. ⁣ We are a happy, healthy household! "

"Another amazing fruit, veg and egg delivery from @fruitonroute. All delicious produce delivered to my doorstep so I don't need to set foot in the supermarket and I'm supporting local small business too!"

"Best way to start the Easter weekend : ) Fresh fruit and veg delivered, thank you @fruitonroute you are life saving"

"Lots of delicious fresh food from @fruitonroute Thank you Nick"

"Our weekly treat in normal life is that much more special in lockdown life"

"The quality of your supplies is first class which I really appreciate. It is very nice to have the flexibility of ordering what you want, rather than having to take a pre-planned package some of which is probably surplus to requirements or indeed not what you really want."

Product availability and prices:

We've got no product restrictions and no set menu's at Fruit on route, so rather than you ordering a box and hoping you like what's in it, you can request the exact produce you want! If you ask for something that we can't get or is out of season or even is perhaps particularly pricey, we'll contact you and offer an alternative but in the main, we find we are able to fulfil most peoples orders.

Due to the ever changing prices of produce added to the fact that it's not the largest of companies (just one man)  I'm not able to provide price list, this is purely due to the time that it would take to constantly be updating daily prices. We are more than happy to give you an idea or what particular products cost the week previously however again due to the nature of fresh goods aren't able to guarantee they will be the same week on week.

How to order:

The deadline to order for delivery each week is Tuesday Midday.

If you would like to place an order with Fruit on route please do so by using the online order form which can be found here: ONLINE ORDER FORM

Once you have submitted your order into the form you will receive and automatic email confirming receipt, once you have this please consider your order accepted. (Sometimes this can end up in your junk folder so please do check there if you haven't had one and if you're still not sure feel free to pop me an email to check! )


Delivery of order:

Delivery will be free to you over this uncertain period, regardless of the size of your order. You will receive your goods on the following Thursday, Friday, Saturday of the week you ordered. In wanting to help as many as I can in these tricky times I have widened by delivery areas, whilst this means more people can get access to the fresh goods they need while remaining indoors, it means that for now, I am unfortunately unable to guarantee a delivery day or time. If you do not receive your order by 10.00pm please assume it will be with you the following day.

Paying for your order:

I will be asking that, where possible, payments are made by BACS transfer online this is to keep to social distancing guidelines. I will send you a bill via email and also leave a paper copy in your box of goods once it has been dropped. I would then ask that you make a payment via BACS with a reference of your name and or address within 24 hours of receipt of goods. The details for this BACS transfer will be emailed to you on delivery. If you do not have online banking I am happy to take Cheque or Cash but please let me know in advance so I can give you your bill total before I arrive and you can leave it in a safe space outside again helping us keep to the distancing guidelines.

Recycling boxes:

If you want to leave your box from last week’s order I’ll happily take it and reuse it. I’d ask you leave it on the doorstep to save time and stick to the distancing policies! Also if you can make sure you keep it under cover just incase it rains as I'm unfortunately unable to take soggy boxes 🙂


If you have any issues with your order then please do let me know. I pride myself on my service and produce and so if anything is ever not upto standard then I ask you to let me know so I can put it right!

COVID-19 information:

Whilst working I will now be using catering gloves and as always adhering to Environmental Health guidelines and best practice as part of my daily working and cleaning routine. (eg. the use of appropriate antibacterial cleaners , etc.) If you find you are in need of being in self isolation, I would simply ask that you let me know. I am still more than happy to leave an order with you as I am aware of the importance of people getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables but I would ask you to keep a safe distance to enable me to keep everyone as healthy as possible!

NHS Professionals:

I would like to do what I can to support my fellow key workers and so if you are an NHS professional please do let me know and I will do all I can to prioritise your delivery and also offer a discount.

Weekly Social Media Competition:

You could WIN 20% off of your next order by taking a picture of your delivery and sharing it on social media! Just take a picture of your order, share it on social media, follow us, tag us in and use the hashtag #Fruitonroute

Here are some of our entries to get you inspired: