Q) How do I place an order?

A) You can order online, by emailing info@fruitonroute.co.uk or by calling us on 07867 972718

Q) When will I receive my order? 

A) We will deliver your order to you on the day we usually call in your area and delivery is free.  (Please see Delivery information page to check when we call in your area.)  If you want an out of area delivery we make a nominal £3.50 delivery charge. To offset our carbon footprint and cover out of area delivery costs.

Q) How far in advance do I need to place my order?

A) Ideally, we ask you to place your order a minimum of 24 hrs in advance. If it's a bit late we'll do our best to get it to you on the usual delivery day.

Q) What happens if I am not able to be in to receive my order when you deliver?

A) We are happy to leave pre-paid orders in a secure location of your choosing or with a neighbour. Other delivery options are available by prior arrangement.

Q) What happens if there is a problem with my order?

A) We ask you check your order on receipt or within 24 hrs latest. In the unlikely event you have a problem with your order. We ask you to contact us within 24 hrs by any of the above contact options to allow us to address and resolve the problem to your satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We value our customers, their custom, and their feedback. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.

Q) How do I pay for my online order?

A) You can pay via BACS transfer or PayPal online, we will email you your order total. You can pay by cash on delivery.   

Q) Can I have my order in carrier bag/s rather than a box?

A) We are happy to put goods in a bag/bags if you prefer. The charge for each carrier bag used is 5 pence and this will be added to the total cost of your order. We are happier to put your goods in a cardboard box as they can be recycled which is better for our environment. We will happily take back boxes at the time of your delivery if you want to unpack it. Or we can collect any boxes, on our next delivery to you. We do not call specifically, to collect empty boxes as this is not environmentally friendly. Most local authorities operate doorstep cardboard recycling collection schemes.

Q) What happens if I order something and it is not available?

A On receipt of your order we will, acknowledge receipt of your order, check your order and advise if any goods are not available due to seasonal or supply issues. We will also advise you if in our opinion, any item on your order is not as we would wish due to seasonality, supply or price and offer an alternative that you may like to consider. Customer satisfaction is always our aim and we will always endeavour to go the extra mile for our customers.

Q) What happens if I have forgotten something when placing my order?

A) We would ask that you inform us as soon as possible and we will do our best to get it for you. Sometimes, unlike all other fruit and vegetable delivery firms we may have the forgotten item on-board!

Q) I prefer to choose my own produce, but don't wish to go to a shop to get it. Can I do this with Fruit on route?

A) Absolutely! We are happy to call on you when in your area and you can select what you want from the stock available on the van, this is a free delivery. If there is something you know you will need please order in advance and we will put it aside for you happily. If you want an out of area call we can do this, and there will be an additional £3.50 out of area delivery charge. Hopefully, a visit to the van may inspire you choose something else or other produce new to you!

Q) What happens if I order something and I change my mind and don't want it?

A) We would ask that you inform us as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hrs. We reserve the right to charge the cost price of any single item or package specifically ordered by a customer or part thereof we are unable to sell. By placing a specific order you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. We do this so we can keep food wastage to a minimum which is better for our environment and ensures maximum freshness of produce for all our customers.

Q) Is the produce you sell organic?

A) Some products we sell are insecticide free, some products are on occasion organic. But we do not promote ourselves as an organic supplier of fresh produce.

Q) If I order an item and it is on a special promotion will I pay the promotion price?

A) Absolutely! We regularly run special promotions and pass on the benefits to our customers. Where possible we always make customers aware of special promotions so they can benefit from them. All special promotion prices are applied to a customer's order where applicable. (E.g if melons are 2 for £2.00 and you buy 2 the promotion price is applied. If one melon is purchased the promotion price is not applied but we will make you aware of the promotion should you wish to take advantage of it.)  Transparency and choice for our customers is very important to us.

Q) What if there is something I want that is not on your site?

A) Please ask we may still be able to get it for you.You can put in a request on our contact us page. Items may not be listed due to a myriad of reasons such as, seasonality, quality, price, popularity etc. But there is no harm in asking! We will always endeavour to obtain something for you if we can.

Q) Do I have to buy a whole kilo or pack of something?

A) Where items are sold in packs and pre-packs, yes as we buy them that way, and are unable for economic reasons to split them. However, as most items we sell are loose and sold by the kilo this is usually not a problem, as we can just weigh and charge for the quantity you want. E.g If you want four apples we can weigh four apples and charge at the price per kilo.

Q)  Where do you source the produce you sell?

A) We use a combination of suppliers for the goods we sell. These are at the London fruit and vegetable markets, Covent Garden and Western International. We also use local specialist suppliers based in Surrey and Kent. European Salad suppliers trading directly out of Rungis and Milan markets daily. Local growers for some English produce when seasonally available. We are proud of the long standing trading relationships we have built up with all our suppliers over the past 30 years.

Q)  What do you do with your food wastage?

A) Through careful buying; and buying tailored to the specific needs of our customers, we try to minimise our wastage. Wastage is however an inevitable fact in the food industry, due do the perishable nature of the goods sold. Goods not fit for sale are recycled, via local amenity food waste services which are converted  for fertiliser and energy, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Q) I'm having a problem placing my order online?

A) Please contact us by emailing info@fruitonroute.co.uk or calling 07867 972718  and  we will be happy to help you, take an order and hopefully resolve any issue you maybe experiencing. Your business and customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Q) Why do you buy imported produce?

A) We try whenever possible to buy UK produce. Unfortunately; sometimes due to supply, cost, seasonality or quality we have to buy imported produce to meet customer demand. We are mindful of our carbon footprint, and try to offset it as much as is humanly possible. This includes recycling paper produce bags and produce packaging as appropriate. We also try whenever possible to promote and champion British produce suppliers and growers.

Q) If I telephone or email my order how do I pay?

A) We will put up your order and advise via text/email the order total due. You can then pay via BACS transfer or PayPal on receipt of payment your order will be delivered. Cash on delivery is possible by prior arrangement.

Q) I have placed an order and the price has changed from the price displayed online at the time of placing my order?

A) Prices change daily, and sometimes several times during a day, due to supply and demand and the volatility at London's fruit and vegetable markets. We will always honour the price displayed at the time you place your order even if it means we sell at a loss. Transparency and customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Q) I placed an order for a kilo of produce, and the produce price was higher than the kilo price, why?

A) We weigh as much as possible to the weight requested. However, not all produce is identical in shape, size or weight. Fruit and vegetables are grown, not manufactured. (So for example, if you ask for 500 grams of bananas 4 maybe slightly over 500 grams, and 3 maybe slightly under 500 grams.) For most customers if something is slightly over 500 grams this is not a problem. However, if you would prefer we weigh under the requested weight where we are not able to spot weigh; please advise us when ordering and we will be happy to do so. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Q) I have some great recipes or tips on fruit and vegetable preparation, cooking and storage, would you like me to share them with you?

A) Absolutely! We love to get feedback from customers. Hopefully, with your permission we can share them on our website with all our other customers. 

Q) Can I give your contact details to my friends and will you be able to call on them?

A) Please do. Your recommendation is the best advertisement of all!  They can then go online to use our postcode delivery checker or contact us directly by email at info@fruitonroute.co.uk  or tel: 07867 972718 to arrange an order if we call in their area. Don't forget to let them know you've recommended us to them. If we're able to call on them and they order from us we'll give you 10% off your next order as a thank you for recommending us! 

Q) My question isn't listed under your Q & A section?

A) Apologies.  Please contact us by email at info@fruitonroute.co.uk  or by tel: 07867 972718  where we will be happy to answer your question directly.

Thank you for visiting Fruit on route today, we look forward to delivering to you very soon!

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